I need your help people

Aaaaaa. I have absolutely no idea what to pack for my trip to Germany!
I’ve got loads and loads of clothes, but I’m so confused.

I’m basically going only for two weeks, and in these two weeks, I’ll be spending around four days in Amsterdam and a few in Austria as well, but I have no clue what to wear.

It’s April, but my dad tells me there’s going to be snow, which means it’s going to be cold. Um, how cold, exactly? Does anyone have any idea?

And how many layers of clothes am I supposed to keep? For some reason, I have a feeling that one shirt and a jacket isn’t going to be enough. Also, is gloves necessary? Hello? Anyone living in Germany (or has been to Germany in April, or has just returned)? I need advice. Like, right now.


How My Trip To Dammam to Get My Visa To Germany Worked Out

Since it never snows where I live (can you imagine, I’ve never in my entire existence seen snow in real life? Hail, maybe, but never snow), my family went for a little road trip from our small town to the city of Dammam to apply for our visas to Germany.

You know how in those horror movies, the group of friends go on a road trip and encounter something extremely creepy? Well, we encountered something even worse.


An abandoned wedding limo in the middle of the dessert

Anyway, after the creepy factor wore off, we made it to the embassy building where we waited for about four hours for my father to speak with the guys in charge and get all the paperwork and passports sorted out and stuff, after which we took our fingerprints (very classy) and happily drifted out of the building for lunch….

…..which was heaven – Dominos style. With lovely cookies (my sister’s camera skills are a little askew, seeing as how she is only six years old, so the cookies were much better than they look) to complement this awesome pizza.



This one was taken by me, mind you.

After this amazing eating ceremony, we visited the beach, or as the locals like to call it, Corniche. And I admit I went a wee bit mad about taking pictures with my camera. I’ve just got to share them with you, since I haven’t made my point about how spectacularly beautiful this place is.


That’s my six year old sister, btw


There were seagulls!


And cats!


This is me having my “QUEEN OF THE SEA” movie moment 😛

I took a lot more pointless pictures of basically the same thing, so it would be irrelevant to put them up here. All the same, I’d say this was one hell of a weekend, certainly more fun than most of my other weekends – I live in a town; there isn’t a lot of new stuff to do out here.

All I’m hoping for now is that our visa gets accepted. Imagine the pictures I’d take of Germany and Munich!

Fingers crossed!