Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover amazes me yet again. This is the third novel of hers that I am reading, and let me tell you, after Hopeless, I didn’t think Hoover could surprise me again. But she doesn’t disappoint, people. Slammed has got to be one of the most thought provoking books I’ve ever read.

I love the name Layken. Its very lyrical and I feel it has immense elegance. And I also love Layken’s character. She’s smart and tackles things very nicely, although I got a bit fed up with how easily she cried. Don’t get me wrong, she had every right to, and isn’t a Mary Sue by any means, but I felt she could have held off the crying, at least in some of the situations.

While I didn’t exactly fall head over heels in love with Will, I respect him as a character and love how he assesses his situation with Layken. While he might have been a bit boring at times, he made up for it with his brain. He’s the clear headed one, the calm and centered one – the deep one with a love for poetry.

While I’m not a huge fan of poetry, this book opened me up to it and I guess I understand it a bit better now. I especially loved Kel, Layken’s younger brother. He was endearing and wonderful and funny. All in all, this book, probably not Hoover’s best work, still amazes and astounds me. It’s wonderful, and I would honestly recommend it to everyone who loves reading.

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Why I love Dean Holder from Hopeless

Dean Holder is an enigma – he is one of the protagonists of the Young Adult Contemporary book, Hopless, by Colleen Hoover.
And boy, oh boy, I knew I loved him when I read that book. But when I finished with Losing Hope, the second book which was told from his POV? I actually cried! No, I’m not kidding you! I did!

Because although we already know how the story plays out in Hopeless, we don’t really get to see what’s inside Holder’s head. He’s very closed off, and when he isn’t, he’s telling Sky just how much he wants to kiss her. His sensitive side does come out towards the end, but in Losing Hope, Hoover has portrayed him as the ultimate hottie with a sensitive side you can’t help but eat up.

Holder is smart, kind, particularly hilarious, and so, so, romantic that it makes me want to kill Sky for ever kissing him.

I pull her from the fridge and wrap my arms around her. She slowly returns the embrace by clasping her arms around my waist and conforming to my chest.

God, now I want to conform to his chest.

He is the epitome of beautiful and though not perfect, it’s just those little imperfections that make him all the more perfect.

Am I making any sense? I really don’t care, because we’re talking about DEAN HOLDER, here. He says stuff like this to his dead sister about her ex-boyfriend!

If I see Grayson at school on Monday, I’ll rip his balls off and mail them too you. What’s your new address?

I think something akin to a half-sob, half-laugh left my mouth when I read this.
Because Holder isn’t just that hot funny guy. He’s really, really deep. As in, intense deep. His sister, Leslie’s death left him worse for wear, and that scene where he stumbles upon her body on the bed in her bedroom?

My whole world turned from a place full of vibrant colors to a dull, lifeless grey. The sky, the grass, the trees…all the things that were once beautiful we’re stripped of their magnificence the moment I realized I was responsible for our best friend Hope’s disappearance…….
…..My once effervescent world was suddenly a blurred grey, colorless photocopy.
Just like Les’s eyes.
They aren’t hers. They’re open. They’re looking right at me from her position on the bed. But they aren’t hers.
The color in her eyes is gone. This girl is a gray, colorless photocopy of my sister.
My Les.

Dean Holder is the deepest fucking protagonist I’ve ever seen, who is more and more a person with many different aspects than most of book characters who’ve lived a lifetime will ever be.
Colleen Hoover, I ought to thank you for writing about this beauty. So, yeah, Thankyou.
You’re forever in my heart, HOLDER.