I need your help people

Aaaaaa. I have absolutely no idea what to pack for my trip to Germany!
I’ve got loads and loads of clothes, but I’m so confused.

I’m basically going only for two weeks, and in these two weeks, I’ll be spending around four days in Amsterdam and a few in Austria as well, but I have no clue what to wear.

It’s April, but my dad tells me there’s going to be snow, which means it’s going to be cold. Um, how cold, exactly? Does anyone have any idea?

And how many layers of clothes am I supposed to keep? For some reason, I have a feeling that one shirt and a jacket isn’t going to be enough. Also, is gloves necessary? Hello? Anyone living in Germany (or has been to Germany in April, or has just returned)? I need advice. Like, right now.


Fire In The Hole

I had gone to my friend’s house yesterday. Yes, the best friend, Zayn, you’ve all been hearing about. We were just lounging around and laughing and everything, me, Zayn and her sister, when suddenly her sister smelled someone smoking a cigarette.

Now, apparently this smell usually came from the house on top of their apartment, or below. So there was nothing to worry about.

However, though, after a while, it just didn’t go away. So we asked Zayn’s mom if there was anything connected to the sockets or if the iron was switched on.

It was the rice cooker that caught on fire. It was placed in one of the bedrooms, on the carpet, and it just up and burst into flames. Huge, raging, flames.

The smoke was everywhere. Thankfully, the first thing Zayn’s mother did was removed the plug of the rice cooker from its socket, thank god, so it could be dowsed with water. They didn’t own a fire extinguisher, so it had to be dowsed with small pots and and pans and jugs filled with water. Thankfully, no one was hurt and nothing was destroyed, except, you know the rice cooker.

And the carpet.

So they called their house maid to take care of the carpet by cutting a giant hole through it, and then the room was just left alone with the window open so all the smoke could leave.

Our food had also been destroyed. So we had to order. Anyway, not the point. I didn’t have the presence of mind to take pictures. You know, because the fire had to be dowsed and all. Later on, I did take a picture of the burnt carpet, but it’s in my camera, and right now I’m just too lazy to transfer it. Sorry!

I have had my first real-life experience with a real life fire. I didn’t panic or run or scream my brains out. No one did. We acted quickly and efficiently, and fast and intelligently, and in the end, that is what saved us all.

Thank God.

Alternate Reality Giveaway: The Paranormal

Alternate Reality Giveaway

Hey guys!

I’m really sorry for posting this so late, but life got in the way and I also totally blanked out. (I’m so sorry Kayla, please don’t kill me). It is Day 4 and Today I will be talking about the Paranormal Genre within YA.

When you think of the Paranormal genre what do you think? Twilight? At least most people do. They think of shiny sparkly vampires and werewolves. Or you might think of the cliche, lonely (or average) girl meets a hunky mysterious guy who just screams DANGER yet she cannot resist him and he turns out to be a fairy, vampire, werewolf, etc.  The Paranormal genre has gotten such a bad rep that most of us kind of inwardly cringe when recommended a paranormal book. We shy away from it.

Today I don’t really want to touch upon the “bad” of the paranormal, but focus on…

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German – Day 2

I’ve been slacking off from my German. Busy, busy, busy…anyway, I crammed in sometime in between my schedule and learnt a few verbs. Nothing hilarious this time, just plain old German, and I must say, I’m coming to like this language a lot.

It’s so sophisticated. I’m just imagining myself walking around sprouting fluent German and all the people will look at me in wonder and awe and I’ll be able to say whatever I want to the people in my home town and most of them won’t understand it so I’m safe from social suicide.




Liechtenstein & Heidelberg

I myself am going to be visiting soon. Can’t wait!

The Vintage Postcard

248512_10100270516495151_2976394_n Traveling past the stony cliffs of Liechtenstein, we made it to the capital, Vaduz, where we grabbed some lunch and in enjoyed it in the shadow of the Royal Family’s 12th century castle. Measuring just 25 km in length and 6 km in width, the country is barely larger than Manhattan, doubly landlocked by Switzerland and Austria. It has a very high standard of living, and though it might not look like much on a map, up close it’s filled with numerous hiking and cycling trails offering amazing views of craggy cliffs, quaint villages, friendly locals and lush green forests.

Over the border and into Germany, we headed to the university town of Heidelberg. With free time this afternoon, we relaxed at one of Heidelberg’s pubs and climbed the Gothic church’s spire for great views over this pretty town. Afterwards we followed along the Rhine River, weaving through valleys dotted with castles and vineyards…

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Top 10 Cutest Blogs I’ve Ever Seen

So I realized I haven’t made a list post in quite sometime, and was inspired by all the pretty blogs I’ve visited these last few weeks. Mind you, most of these will be book blogs, since that’s the particular niche I’ve been digging into for a while now. So without further ado, let me begin! These are all the pretty and cute blogs I’ve seen in the last few weeks (in no particular order).

1. Xpresso Reads



This blog was one of the first book blogs I came across. I love the animation and the font of the navigation menu, and my favourite part of this blog is probably that slider which highlights all their recent reviews up there at the top.

2. Book Briefs



Book Briefs is absolutely beautiful. I have found it to be elegant, chic, and modern at the same time. My favourite part of this blog, I have to say, is it’s header and font. That swirly effect is very classy, and I am a huge fan of the blue circles up there.

3. The Cutest Blog On The Block



TCBOTB is essential to the blogging world – they provide free templates, headers, and a ton of other blogging design related freebies, so it’s kind of obvious that they would make this list. I love the color tones in this blog, and the way it’s all girly but smart at the same time.

4. YA Book Queen



Again, I love the animated picture at the top. The blue is a favourite of mine, and the font is again elegant and formal on this blog.

5. Blog Guide Book



This blog’s minimalistic approach is amazing. I love how the light blue blends with the white and it gives a very chic look and feel to the entire website. The branch is another favourite I harbor.

6. Thrifty Decor Chick



I love the graphic design at the left end of the header on this blog. It’s floral pattern in very pretty. And again, the font! God, am I a sucker for pretty fonts.

7. Symphony Of Words



Ok, so this is a little biased. OK, a LOT biased. This is my book blog, Symphony of Words, and probably isn’t even that gorgeous. But what can I say? It’s. It’s my baby.

8. The Broke & The Bookish



I love the color tones of this blog. The orange title and it’s font is very elegant and smart, and the way the header is shaped at the top – like something from Aladdin – is honestly the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

9. Her Book Self



Enough with minimalistic – this baby is packed with features, from the overly informal header – it may look a little cluttered, but I like it – to the look of paper and bindings at the border of the main body of the blog.

10. Anna Reads



THIS BLOG. It has a special place in my heart. This blog is what inspired me to start blogging in the first place. I’m a huge fan of that book at the top right, and the color combination of green and grey. The background is absolutely lovely and the font, though very simple, never ceases to take my breath away. Ok, I’m using too many hyperboles now. But truly, this blog is definitely on the of the prettiest.