Europe: Pictures & Life Happenings

I know it’s been a while (three months, actually) and I’m really sorry! It’s just that I’ve been so busy integrating my book blog (Symphony of Words) and juggling the move and everything that I didn’t have enough time for this one!

Just got back from Europe, and let me tell you it was definitely worth the wait and the cramps and the loss of reading time!

I loved Germany and Innsbruck!




And Holland was beyond Tulip-amazing!






And now for some snow pictures!





And more tulips!





I just had so much of fun and and more than thankful more having the opportunity to go to this place!



I need your help people

Aaaaaa. I have absolutely no idea what to pack for my trip to Germany!
I’ve got loads and loads of clothes, but I’m so confused.

I’m basically going only for two weeks, and in these two weeks, I’ll be spending around four days in Amsterdam and a few in Austria as well, but I have no clue what to wear.

It’s April, but my dad tells me there’s going to be snow, which means it’s going to be cold. Um, how cold, exactly? Does anyone have any idea?

And how many layers of clothes am I supposed to keep? For some reason, I have a feeling that one shirt and a jacket isn’t going to be enough. Also, is gloves necessary? Hello? Anyone living in Germany (or has been to Germany in April, or has just returned)? I need advice. Like, right now.

German – DAY 1

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!

So I have been tasked with learning German by my father for our trip to Germany. It’s supposedly a very easy language and is termed “the cousin of English” because many words, I’ve noticed, just used the English term and add an -en or something similar at the end.

I now know German numbers from one to twenty, the fact that the beta variable in math and physics stands for the S sound, and a lot of other interesting stuff.

Did you know that the word “go” in German is essentially “gayhen? Gay-hen? I don’t know, it struck me as hilarious. Also, “thankyou” is called dunkey.

Truthfully speaking, though, I’m enjoying learning German much more so that learning French – I guess it’s because I’m learning German from a proper book, while French was just weekly exercises from the Duolingo app.

I’m just so excited to go to Germany and speak all my new found awesome German words. Any tips on how I can not go wrong with this? Has any one of you ever learnt German? Care to share?