About Me

Madiha Rehmath sucks to referring to herself in the third person, but she will give it her best shot. She was born on 7th April, 1999, and is currently 14 years old, and residing in Saudi Arabia. Do NOT roll your eyes at your computer screen – I write stuff ranging from the worst papers I’ve ever written to Top Ten Unusual Rooms I’ve ever seen to Rambles About My Boring Life. And – ah, damn, Madiha Rehmath just referred to herself in the first person. Like she said, she sucks at it, but she will try. This blog is focusing on all aspects of her lifestyle:

Which is why she will be blogging about:
Anything she finds interesting
Occasional literary stuff she may have written
Rants about her school (because she hates it)

She loves reading contemporary romance (Nora Roberts and Sarah Dessen to state a few) as well as Young Adult and Teen Fiction and while she is currently residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, she will give you all this delish from India in a few months.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Zaynab says:

    You are the most awesome person! And the BEST-TEST best friend a person can be gifted with..!
    Love u! Xoxo! LUTTE!!

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