I am knee deep in a phone crisis, and I need your help. I am confused, confused, confused, between two phones:

Nokia Lumia 925


iPhone 5c

Now I can’t afford the iPhone 5s, but I love Apple and have an iPad and iPod Touch, so I know I can trust them and I’m very comfortable with the UI. However, I already own an iPod Touch as I said, so buying an iPhone will essentially be the same thing except there’s call features too, right?

The Nokia Lumia is running on Windows 8 and is definitely not something I have ever tried before. But I want to experience something new and different, and I love the way Nokia Lumia 925 looks and it’s camera is supposed to be fantastic. I don’t mind the limited apps, and it seems to have all the iPhone features while having a lower price.

But again, I’m more comfortable with Apple products, and I guess I’m just too nervous to try out something different. What if I don’t like it? Which has a better camera? Because I NEED to have a good camera on my phone.

Help me, people. It is a matter of life and death.


Please tell me what you thought!

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