Fire In The Hole

I had gone to my friend’s house yesterday. Yes, the best friend, Zayn, you’ve all been hearing about. We were just lounging around and laughing and everything, me, Zayn and her sister, when suddenly her sister smelled someone smoking a cigarette.

Now, apparently this smell usually came from the house on top of their apartment, or below. So there was nothing to worry about.

However, though, after a while, it just didn’t go away. So we asked Zayn’s mom if there was anything connected to the sockets or if the iron was switched on.

It was the rice cooker that caught on fire. It was placed in one of the bedrooms, on the carpet, and it just up and burst into flames. Huge, raging, flames.

The smoke was everywhere. Thankfully, the first thing Zayn’s mother did was removed the plug of the rice cooker from its socket, thank god, so it could be dowsed with water. They didn’t own a fire extinguisher, so it had to be dowsed with small pots and and pans and jugs filled with water. Thankfully, no one was hurt and nothing was destroyed, except, you know the rice cooker.

And the carpet.

So they called their house maid to take care of the carpet by cutting a giant hole through it, and then the room was just left alone with the window open so all the smoke could leave.

Our food had also been destroyed. So we had to order. Anyway, not the point. I didn’t have the presence of mind to take pictures. You know, because the fire had to be dowsed and all. Later on, I did take a picture of the burnt carpet, but it’s in my camera, and right now I’m just too lazy to transfer it. Sorry!

I have had my first real-life experience with a real life fire. I didn’t panic or run or scream my brains out. No one did. We acted quickly and efficiently, and fast and intelligently, and in the end, that is what saved us all.

Thank God.


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