German – DAY 1

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!

So I have been tasked with learning German by my father for our trip to Germany. It’s supposedly a very easy language and is termed “the cousin of English” because many words, I’ve noticed, just used the English term and add an -en or something similar at the end.

I now know German numbers from one to twenty, the fact that the beta variable in math and physics stands for the S sound, and a lot of other interesting stuff.

Did you know that the word “go” in German is essentially “gayhen? Gay-hen? I don’t know, it struck me as hilarious. Also, “thankyou” is called dunkey.

Truthfully speaking, though, I’m enjoying learning German much more so that learning French – I guess it’s because I’m learning German from a proper book, while French was just weekly exercises from the Duolingo app.

I’m just so excited to go to Germany and speak all my new found awesome German words. Any tips on how I can not go wrong with this? Has any one of you ever learnt German? Care to share?


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