There Is Wind [Weekly Writing Challenge]

There is wind.

I can’t see anything, can’t hear anything, but I feel the wind. It’s forcing itself through my body, through my mouth and nose and eyes. But that can’t be right – my eyes are closed.

There nothing but silence – cold, stark silence, which is nothing, and yet, it is everything, because right now, it is my entire world. For a second, it has consumed me, thwarted to compress and lower and disown and conquer me – it is everything and there is nothing else.

I wait, wait, wait for the sound of something, anything, at least my gasps, but no, there is nothing. I try to open my eyes, but for some reason, I can’t – they’re heavy as lead, and I can’t seem to able to move my limbs – I don’t even know how I’m aware of my limbs.

I’m waiting, waiting, for something to break the silence, please, please break this silence and let me be. I don’t know if I’m crying – I don’t know anything. The whole world is simply a void now, containing nothing.

Because my everything has been turned to nothing, these two words circle back in my head again and again, again and again, not evolving, not progressing, just circling.I feel hollow – this silence is the speech of the hollow, those without a soul. I can’t be one of them. I want to scream.

I need to scream, scream so badly. I want to break something and I want to kill someone.

If I could just move. I need to move. This needs to stop. This silence needs to cease.

But it doesn’t. It never does.

It still hasn’t.

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