How I spent my day at home all alone

This is possibly a ramble about school, because studies are involved. I stayed at home all alone today, promising my parents I would pour my heart out into studying what I naturally suck at (political science and math). So the moment I got up, things didn’t go quite the way I’d planned.

First off, I slept again. Yes, curled under my comforter with the heater making my room warm and cozy, and dozed off. It’s my mother’s fault. She should’ve switched the heater off before she left. Gah.

Then, I got up at 9.a.m, and forced my legs to the bathroom, which I suspect were made out of lead at the time. Freshened up and all, and promptly opened my virtual game and started playing it. Then came to mind my hideous political science textook.


I was forced to close my game, go grab my book, and laboriously learn what it contained for two and a half hours before I could finish even a chapter, because my mind simultaneously wandered off in various forked directions without my consent. I finally finished that one chapter, yawned some more, texted my friend about hating politics, and am now supposed to be doing some math.

But instead, I sit here, typing this. Because I can’t bring myself to go back and sit in that chair and stare at that book for the umpteenth time in my life since my sophomore year started.

I should be really serious about this, since my finals are like, a week away, but I just can’t find it in me.

Will go force my fragile mind to do some calculations, now. Will post something that makes everyone happy later, after my sad, sad, exam experience comes to an end. After which I will be free and happy, away from scary equations and variables.

For a month and a half, anyway. Image


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