7 MORE Coolest Bedrooms I’ve Ever Seen

Now that chemistry has officially been taken care of, I’d like to show you guys all those other really cool rooms I was talking about!

#1: AGAIN, WATERWORKS: Maybe this a new trend or something? I’m not quite understanding how anyone can sleep comfortably on that bed at all. I mean, one small trip and they could go BASH! However, let’s all join hands and give the designer props for having come up with something as unusual as this!


#2: CUTEST KID BEDROOM EVER: Something that would have the kids all riled up!


#3 There seems to be a theme here. Another adorable bedroom you’d really want to claim is YOURS, no matter what your age is, (or is it just me?)


#4: Classical RETRO: because that’s exactly what this is. I personally LOVE the curved ceiling and the way it’s framing that settee and picture, so GO RETRO.


#5: THE TITANIC? Or maybe it’s some other completely different ship and won’t sink at all. But again, one that really stands out. Yay!


#6: ELEGANT AND CLASSY: I like this one a lot, and though I don’t think I’ll be using any designs from it, there’s no telling what inspiration it may have given my subconscious, which likes to come to play at night.


#7: EGG BED: Because someone wasn’t happy being a human. Hey, we all have our things. Look at that kid – he’s as cute as the next guy. Doesn’t matter if his choice is a little whacked up or highly unusual but totally original.


You’ll notice I have 7 entries this time – mainly because Chemistry is over. Again, if there’s anything you’d like to say, peek at that box below (God, I sound desperate), so yeah, glad you enjoyed it or whatever! Peace!


2 thoughts on “7 MORE Coolest Bedrooms I’ve Ever Seen

  1. there is something purifying about waterworks. baptism before and after entering the bed… a forgiveness of ones sins committed or about to be committed… it resonates with me… probably freudian… ooh i smell another post:) thank you for the inspiration…

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