The sound of the strong waves lashing
Against the rocks is something
That makes even the most stone
Hearted people reconsider
Everything in their life. Because
You know that when you look
Down upon that shore from
Where you stand up here on the
Edge of this cliff, it will be the
Last thing you see, the
Last thing you hear, before 
Falling into oblivion. That thud you
Hear is your skull slowly making 
Contact with the shards of
Rocks lying hidden beneath the 
Beauty of the waves, and they
Said your life would flash before
Your eyes but of course it doesn’t. 
Do you hear that? 
Do your see it?
Can you feel it?
No, of course you 
Can’t. Of course you don’t. 
Because there is nothing after 
That thud. There is no angel
Singing, no light streaming, no
Beauty pouring into 
Your life force and lifting you
Up towards Heaven or 
Forcing you into Hell. 
There is nothing. 
You are nothing. Not anymore. 
There is only
Emptiness. A vast,
Vast, emptiness, swallowing you
Whole, making sure that
You are not anything
Do you realize? The last sound you 
Heard, was not your mother’s
Or your father’s laugh, or your 
Sibling’s cry, or your lover’s 
Gasp. It was a meaningless,
Short, THUD. 
Even the waves lashing 
Around you cannot 
Change that sound
That will be stuck with 
You for eternity. 
That emptiness, which
Will condemn you and
Never let you go.
Do you see now? Do 
You finally understand? 


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