Coolest bathroom sinks

So again, I was looking into the different types of sinks I could use, and came across these extremely pretty ones that I had to show to someone.

#1 COLOR SPLASH: Never looked better.

Quite colorful. For a cheery room, not suicidal people, please.

#2 Color Change: it’s supposedly like a chameleon, then. Still cool, though.

This one is apparently supposed to change color!

#3: The Fish Sink: Oh, well. It’s pretty.

I fear the fate of these fish

#4: This is MINE. Its gorgeous to the point of obsession. Oh, it’s called Ripple something.

Dibs on this one for my bathroom!

#5: ANTIQUE: It pretty too, and kind of cool, since the whole faucet design has been reinvented.

Michelle Boyce Deviant Art, supposedly. Someone should check this out.

#6: The Bar Sink:What more can I say? It’s COOL.

Pretty……Don’t get hypnotised

#7: Blue Pebble: This one is also one of my personal favorites. It looks chic and modern, and has a beautiful lighting.

Those pebbles are beautiful

#8: FUTURE SINK: Because that’s exactly what it looks like. The small ball in between makes it look all the more intriguing.

This has surely come from the future

Okay, guys. What do you think would make up for a cool sink? If you’ve seen something great that I haven’t, be sure to let me know!


Please tell me what you thought!

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