5 Coolest Bedroom I’ve Ever Seen

So with my bedroom being reconstructed and all, I was just going through some pictures on what I would want it to look like, and I came across these REALLY FUNKY, REALLY COOL, REALLY UNUSUAL bedrooms that I just had to share with the world.

And here they are:

#1 WATERWORKS: Now, I have no idea how to swim, much less float on water. And that is why, for me, this is one of those REALLY UNUSUAL bedrooms – what if the person sleepwalks? I’d hate for them to get up and find themselves all wet. 😛 But you’ve gotta admit, it’s kind of awesome.

I wouldn’t want to fall into the water in my sleep….

#2 Here it is: The Batman Abode – another cool bedroom which I think will make my cousin brothers very happy.

Where the bat comes to life….or goes to sleep.

#3: This is one of the most breathtaking rooms I’ve ever seen, and the lights and wallpaper are a sure thing to be there in my new room if I have anything to say about it (which I totally do).

Stop Ogling

#4: A nice, clean, contemporary bedroom with that round bed most of us go lusting after. It’s a keeper.

Wait a minute…What if it rains? Isn’t the roof open? :O

#5: CABINET BED: This is one of the most unusual yet cool bedroom I’ve ever seen. I mean, just look at it. Perfect for rooms with a small space, and it just oozes comfort, all secluded and stuff, hanging up there away from the couches and other stuff in the room. The white walls add a chic touch to it and the marble flooring is beautiful, although a little more furniture would make it look like someone actually lived here. I’m definitely going to try this out with something. 

That little T.V. is just too cute!

I’m going to add more, but right now, Chemistry is calling me (go die somewhere, dammit. Leave me alone.) Thanks for reading, or maybe you just looked at the pictures, but whatever.

However, I have come across a few more bedrooms that seem just right for my style – not Lady GaGa unusual or very simplistic. If you have any ideas on how I can maker my room, please leave them below! Oh, and don’t forget to hit the like!


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