Why I Won’t Take Chemistry Next Year

I really, really like chemistry. I mean, I know I Want to like it, but there’s always something that makes it so unbearably hard. I get what it is that I’m reading, but after skipping to the next topic, the one I studied before? It has magically disappears into the world of Oz through a silent invisible tornado I totally didn’t see coming.
It isn’t as if I can’t remember stuff-I can. I learn literature summaries and math formulae and biology terms – and I remember them.
But for some twisted reason, chemistry equations are with me one moment and gone the next. It’s so irritating, I end up closing the book and throwing it across the room at the periodic table which just hangs there and mocks me repeatedly.
I loath organic chemistry. The difference between Ketones and Aldehydes is not something I can’t google if I want to be a chemist or a scientist (which I don’t, thank god for that) and it’s not like chemistry sticks to just one rule. It’s always bending them this way and that, which is I think is bullshit and should stop right now.


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